Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My dear friend Jodi from Dutchy World sent me some great home-made (Sis-in Law I believe) chow-chow, local pickled cauliflower, and some dark, caramelized, lard-fried potato chips from Zerbe's of Denver, PA. Having had the pleasure of travelling some in the Amish Country, and had my all-too-willing arteries clogged with lard chips, scrapple, double-smoked lebanon bologna, I can truly say there is no greater "down-home" cuisine than in that charming land. And no better beer than that made by Stoudt's Brewery where one can find Jodi and her wonderful family cavorting periodically in lederhosen and the occasional dirndl. I always eat my vegetables when they are pickled, who knew that would be the simple secret?


jodibrewsbeer said...

A close friend of the family (Viola) recently said to me that she drinks chow chow juice to help her stay young. In her words "it's chust too gut to throw away now". If you aint Dutch, you ain't much!

janet said...

Eloquent writing about pickled veggies, brew and pots - I've forwarded your blog address to my brewing brother who just returned from Belgium and Ireland with stories and bottles. Can we take a road trip and visit your operation? And the Hatchville tankards are even more of the earth and soul than they look online - I enjoyed my friend Julie's first porter out of a shino glazed Hatchville pottery tankard last night.